Winter Sports Pictures - November 16th 9:00 am

Lifetouch School Portraits
Team Information: Hampshire High School
Picture Day: 11/16/2019
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11/16/2019 4:00 PM

Boys' Swim Informational Meeting - 11/12/19

Anyone interested in joining the Boys Swim Team is invited to attend an informational meeting on Tuesday, November 12th at 7:00 pm in the Jacobs High School auditorium.  Please email Coach Gomberg at with any questions. 

11/12/2019 8:00 PM

Winter Sports Registration NOW Open

Winter sports registration is now open!  Click on the "registration" tab under the photo at the top of this page.  Then either log in or create a new account if you are new to 8to18.  Competitive cheer and dance begin 10/28; Girls basketball on 11/4; Boys basketball and wrestling on 11/11 and boys swim on 11/25.  Online registration must be completed and a current physical on file in the Athletic office by the dates above.  Payment is not due until the 1st contest of the sport.

11/29/2019 6:00 PM




Hampshire HS 
Administration & Athletic Staff



Superintendent Mr. Fred Heid
Principal Dr. Brett Bending
Athletic Director

Michael Sitter

Athletic Secretary Tracy Walton
Principal's Secretary Karen Bryson
Certified Athletic Trainer Kacey Bartsch

Fall Sports Coaching Staff




Kirstin Panvino, Head Varsity
Samantha Potter, JV

Cross Country - Boys & Girls

Ryan Hollister - Head Coach

Tina Norton - Assistant

Bo Price - Assistant



Jake Brosman - Varsity Head
Al Thompson - Varsity Assistant

Frank Simoncelli - Varsity Assistant
Bo Price - Varsity Assistant

Doug Tamms - Head FS

Bradley Jenisch - FS Assistant

Erik Jensen - FS Assistant

Robert Homola - FS Assistant

Steve Lee - Volunteer 

Golf - Boys

Golf - Girls 

Kevin O'Brien - Boys Head Coach

Jeremy Bauer - Boys Assistant

Sue Ellett - Girls Head Coach

Taylor Ellett - Girls Assistant Coach


Vanessa Erfort - Head Varsity Coach

Racquel Washington - JV Coach

Soccer - Boys

Rick Schuster, Head Varsity Coach

Javier Rojo - Varsity Assistant

Chayanne Martinez - Head JV Coach

Jon Babcock - FS Head Coach

Swimming & Diving - Girls (Co-op w/Jacobs

Emily Peterson - Head Coach

Laura Garand - JV Coach

Tennis - Girls

Dylan Clark - Head Varsity Coach
Nathan Meno,- JV Coach

Volleyball - Girls

Kim Millard - Head Varsity Coach
Will Benehaley - Assistant Varsity
Heide Obrzut-Hofmann - Head Sophomore 
Roxanne Bloomberg - Head Freshman

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys

Mike Featherly - Head Varsity Coach

Kevin O'Brien - Varsity Assistant

Sarah Thomas - Assistant

Joe Natale - Head JV Coach

Ed Haugens - Freshman Coach

Ruben Flores - Freshman Assistant Coach

Basketball - Girls

Eric Samuelson - Head Varsity Coach

Michelle Bannerman - Varsity Assistant

Hannah Detiveaux - Varsity Assistant

Mark Balongag- JV Coach

Melanie Schwertmann - Freshman Coach

Swim - Boys' (co-op w/Jacobs)

Molly Gomberg - Head Varsity

Amy Field - Assistant 


Randy Mitty - Head Varsity

Bradley Jenisch - Assistant

Matthew Todd - Assistant

Dan Hart - Assistant 

Competitive Cheerleading

Kirstin Panvino - Head Varsity

Samantha Potter - JV Coach

Competitive Dance

Racquel Washington - Head Varsity

Kelli Swanson - JV Coach

Spring Sports Coaching Staff




Frank Simoncelli, - Head Varsity

Joe Natale - Varsity Assistant

Michael Miguel - JV Coach

Al Thompson - Freshman

Soccer - Girls

Javier Rojo - Head Varsity

Eduardo Bernal - Varsity Assistant

Kelly Madison - JV Coach

Amanda Minster- JV Assistant 


Kelly Wasilewski, - Head Varsity

Kevin O'Brien, - Varsity Assistant

Jen Hurst, - JV

Emilie Kerkman - FS

Tennis - Boys

Dylan Clark - Head Varsity

Nathan Meno - JV

Track & Field - Boys

Joe Watzlawick - Head Varsity

Ryan Hollister - Assistant

Brad Jenisch - Assistant

Track & Field - Girls

Scott Fortunato - Head Varsity

Tina Finley - Assistant

Brian Price - Assistant

Lacrosse - Boys

Collin Rustay - Head Varsity

Jeff Baeder - Assistant

Roxanne Bloomberg - Assistant

Lacrosse - Girls

Nicole Paukovits - Head Varsity

Monica Quiroz - Assistant

Nadia Duarte- Assistant