Contact Day(s) Schedule

Please find the schedule for our final round of contact days HERE

10/30/2020 5:04 PM

State Series Spectators

Great News!!! Fans will be able to attend ALL State Series events (Cross Country and Golf). Local rules will apply depending on the venue and host rules. 

UPDATE: The Boys and Girls Cross Country Regional hosted by Antioch HS, at Lakes HS will not be allowing spectators. We will continue to update as we get more information. 


11/7/2020 5:11 PM


Fall (Cross Country and Golf) Schedules are now up to date.

All other schedules are still being completed. 

These schedules may continue to change over the course of the season. Continue to check 8 to 18  in order to get up to date contest information. 



11/30/2020 8:55 PM


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There are no SCHOLASTIC BOWL (N) games from 27 Tue, October 2020.


Welcome to Scholastic Bowl where young scholars go head to head and test each other's knowledge!

Before winter break, practices will be held Mondays from 3:00-4:00 in room 209.  After winter break, matches will begin on Mondays and an additional weekly practice will be held to review questions that appeared during matches.  

Registration will be open until Tuesday November 7th.



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