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HHS Winter 2021 BKB Spectator Guidelines


Huntley High School COVID Indoor/BKB Spectator Guidelines


  • At this time, all bkb student-athletes will be allowed two family members to attend each home game to meet IDPH guidelines- no general spectators are permitted


    • Spectators and non-participant visitors must wear a face covering at all times that fully covers their nose and mouth, and fits snugly against the sides of the face with no gaps.

  • HHS will not require an admission fee for entrance at this time.   

  • The Fox Valley Conference will not be admitting Visiting Fans into any Basketball venues.

    • Home game streaming options will be posted on the 8to18 website.

    • Away game streaming options will be communicated through 8to18, as information is received from the host school.

  • All student-athletes will be allowed two family members to attend each home game.

    • Each family will receive two cards that will allow them entry into the school. This card must be presented at the door for check in with the admission attendant for a check off on the basketball level’s roster.  No card No entry

    • Soph/JV and Varsity spectators MUST enter at HHS Door 10, and F/S girls & FR boys MUST enter at Door 1

  • Door will open 20 minutes before tip off and be closed at the start of the game until a stoppage in play.

  • Spectators must have the following to enter and attend the game:

    • Complete the QR code check in at the admission table with your mobile phone (acknowledges non-COVID symptoms & contact tracing- if needed)

    • After spectators complete check in, they will proceed to the hallway outside the gym, where they should socially distance until they are admitted into their respective gyms. 

  • Spectators must remain in designated areas.

    • Spectator seating will be structured to ensure 30 feet of distance from students-athletes, per IDPH guidelines.

    • Immediately following each game, spectators must exit through the designated area in order for the school personnel to sanitize prior to the next game.  

    • If you are providing a ride home for your athlete you must wait in your car.

    • Spectators may sit with people from their household, but must be 6 feet from all other guests.

    • Designated spaces for seating will be marked to ensure social distancing

  • Spectators must refrain from shouting, singing or chanting per IDPH guidelines.

  • Concessions will not be provided 

  • Restrooms will be available in the athletic hallway nearest your approved spectator seating area.


Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in removal from the event.


Thank you for your assistance and cooperation with these guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change as we receive more information from the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Please direct any questions to Glen Wilson, Athletic Director @ or 847-659-6518.



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