Athletic Information Night - Thursday, August 22 - Lake Park West Campus Auditorium - 7:00 p.m.


Potential First-Time Lake Park Student-Athletes and Parents,


The All-Season Athletic Information Night will be held on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the West Campus Auditorium. Attendance at one (1) Athletic Information Night is required of all Lake Park student athletes. The meeting will last approximately 90 minutes and will include important information about the athletic code of conduct, academic eligibility standards, useful information for first-time athletes and their parents, and a presentation by our athletic training staff on the topics of performance enhancing substance and concussion awareness. 


Any freshman competing, or planning to compete, in fall, winter or spring sports, including Lancettes and Cheerleading, should attend this meeting. Attendance is also required for any sophomore, junior, or senior who plan on participating in a sport who will be a first-time athlete at Lake Park. Attendance will be taken at the end of the meeting. Students must bring their school ID in order to receive meeting credit. While parent attendance is strongly encouraged, it is not required for the student athlete to meet this requirement.


You can find additional information in this Info/FAQ document: All-Season Athletic Information Night




LP Athletic Office

Phone: (630) 295-5325


8/23/2019 12:00 AM





School Name Administration and Athletic Staff


Dr. Lynn Panega


Dominic Manola

Athletic Director

IHSA Official Representative

Peter Schauer

Associate Principal - West Campus

Tim Noverini

Associate Principal - East Campus

John Gouriotis

Athletic Assistant

Connie Day-Adams

Athletic Trainers

Albert Buzun

Ned Kenter

Valerie Spychala

Cheerleading Coach

Kearsten Nardulli

Lancettes Coach    

Fall - Danielle Reehoff

Winter - Julie Cowhey

Fall Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Cross Country

 Lance Murphy

Boys' Golf

 Dan Batka

Boys' Soccer

Sean Crosby


Chris Roll

Girls' Cross Country

Jay Ivory

Girls' Golf

Jeff Henrikson

Girls' Tennis

 Ben Hussey

Girls & Boys  Swimming

Dan Witteveen

Girls' Volleyball

 Tom Bergen

Winter Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Basketball

Billy Pitcher -

Boys Bowling

 Greg Edwards

Girls Bowling

To be determined


 Mark Cameron

Girls' Basketball

Brian Rupp

Girls Gymnastics    

Jake Luketin

Spring Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Baseball

Dan Colucci

Boys Gymnastics  

To be determined

Boys' Tennis

  Tim Martin

Boys' Track & Field

Tom Kaberna 

Girls' Softball

 Tom Mazzie

Girls' Soccer

 Sean Crosby

Girls' Track & Field

To be determined

Boys Volleyball

 Brian Fischer