Special Winter Sports Announcement - PLEASE READ

Dear Blue Demons Families, 

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker announced today that the state will move to Tier 3 COVID-19 mitigation measures as of 12:01 a.m. Friday, November 20th. These new restrictions, meant to help slow the state’s ongoing spike in COVID-19 cases, prohibit all youth and high school group sporting activities. As a result, at the conclusion of practices on Thursday, November 19th, ALL in-person Maine East athletic activities will be on pause until further notice.


Please see the IHSA statement below: 

IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson:

“The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) recognizes that today’s announcement by Governor Pritzker will temporarily pause the IHSA’s winter sports season. We remain optimistic that these new mitigations, coupled with the emergence of a vaccine, will aid in creating participation opportunities in the New Year for IHSA student-athletes in winter, spring, and summer sports. The IHSA Board of Directors will meet as scheduled on November 19, 2020, to continue plotting out potential paths for IHSA sport and activity participation through the remainder of the school year. Although representatives from the Governor’s office and the Illinois Department of Public Health will be unable to attend the meeting, today’s updated guidance from Governor Pritzker will aid the Board’s decision-making. We have asked Deputy Governor Ruiz and Dr. Ezike to engage with us in the near future, so that we can collaborate on developing a plan to safely conduct IHSA sports and activities as soon as possible. IHSA schools have been exemplary in adhering to state regulations throughout this pandemic and we hope that non-school programs will hold themselves to the same standard as we all put the long-term health and safety of our fellow citizens ahead of short-term athletic competition.”


While we recognize that this is discouraging news to many, we remain optimistic that we will resume our season at some point this winter.  In the meantime, we encourage the entire community to do what we can to remain safe.


Thank You.


Be Well, Be Safe & GO Blue Demons!




Kendall Griffin

Athletic Director

Maine East


12/1/2020 12:00 PM


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2020-2021 Varsity Schedule
Date Day Event H/A Time Location Results
11/17/2020* Tue vs. Girls Basketball Thanksgiving Tournament H 6:00 PM Fieldhouse, Cd Gym -
11/19/2020* Thu vs. Girls Basketball Thanksgiving Tournament H 6:00 PM Fieldhouse, Cd Gym -
11/21/2020* Sat vs. Girls Basketball Thanksgiving Tournament H 10:00 AM Fieldhouse, Cd Gym -
11/24/2020* Tue vs. Girls Basketball Thanksgiving Tournament H 6:00 PM Fieldhouse, Cd Gym -
11/28/2020 Sat @ Elk Grove A 1:15 PM Elk Grove -
12/01/2020* Tue @ Glenbrook South A 7:00 PM Glenbrook South -
12/04/2020* Fri vs. Glenbrook North H 7:00 PM Fieldhouse -
12/08/2020* Tue @ Niles West A 7:00 PM Niles West -
12/09/2020* Wed @ Wheeling A 7:30 PM Wheeling -
12/19/2020 Sat @ New Trier Grow the Game Tournament A TBA New Trier - Winnetka Campus -
12/28/2020* Mon @ Elmwood Park Tournament A TBA Elmwood Park -
12/29/2020* Tue @ Elmwood Park Tournament A TBA Elmwood Park -
12/30/2020* Wed @ Elmwood Park Tournament A TBA Elmwood Park -
01/05/2021* Tue vs. Deerfield H 7:30 PM Fieldhouse -
01/06/2021* Wed @ Addison Trail A 7:30 PM Addison Trail -
01/08/2021* Fri vs. Maine West H 7:00 PM Fieldhouse -
01/11/2021* Mon @ Hoffman Estates A 7:30 PM Hoffman Estates -
01/12/2021 Tue vs. Niles North H 7:30 PM Fieldhouse -
01/13/2021 Wed @ Niles West A 6:30 PM Niles West -
01/15/2021 Fri @ Vernon Hills A 7:00 PM Vernon Hills -
01/16/2021 Sat @ Round Lake Tournament - Canceled A TBD Round Lake -
01/18/2021 Mon @ Round Lake Tournament - Canceled A TBD Round Lake -
01/19/2021* Tue vs. Highland Park H 7:00 PM Fieldhouse -
01/22/2021* Fri @ Deerfield A 7:00 PM Deerfield -
01/26/2021* Tue vs. Leyden H 6:00 PM Fieldhouse -
01/26/2021 Tue @ Maine West A 7:00 PM Maine West -
01/29/2021* Fri vs. Vernon Hills H 7:00 PM Fieldhouse -
02/02/2021 Tue @ Niles North A 7:00 PM Niles North -
02/03/2021* Wed @ Fenton A 7:00 PM Fenton -
02/05/2021* Fri @ Highland Park A 7:00 PM Highland Park -
02/09/2021* Tue @ Maine South - Csl Crossiver A 7:00 PM Maine South -
02/15/2021* Mon @ TBA - IHSA Regionals A TBA TBA -