How to Register for 2019-2020 Winter Sports

Interested in playing a SPORT 
in the 2019-2020 school year?

Registration & Tryout info.... READ BELOW!!!


INCOMING FRESHMEN: Your health physical will count towards your athletic physical. No need to get 2 physicals. Please make a copy of the physical you'll turn into the Health office, and turn one into the Athletic office prior to November 1, 2019.

SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS, SENIORS: You need to turn in a physical prior to the 2019 Fall Sports start date on November 28 (Hawkettes and Cheer), November 4 (Girls Basketball), and November 11 (Girls Gymnastics, Boys Basketball and Wrestling). NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!Your son/daughter will NOT be able to participate in tryouts OR the start of the season without a physical. 

ALL ATHLETIC PERMITS will be filled out ONLINE using 8 to 18 Registration. What does that mean? Two parts are needed from you to be cleared to try out for a sport.


  1. Website to Register for Sports:


Steps on Registering:

  1. Create an account by using your email address. Create a password.
  2. Select the sport. Be careful to select gender specific sport.
  3. Follow the instructions listed on the page.



  1. Turn in a physical signed by a physician to the Maine South Athletic Office by the Spec Gym.


If you plan to play a winter sport in 2019 it is best to have both parts above completed by November 1, 2019. Registration for winter sports teams is now open.  

12/9/2019 9:42 PM


2019-2020 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
Kendall Bertsch 2021
Alison Biagi 2021
Colleen Compton 2022
Mallory Crees 2023
Theresa Daly 2020
Sophia Egan 2023
Natalie Eng 2020
Annie Gaughan 2020
Kaitlyn Goff 2023
Allie Gooding 2019
Rachel Hoffman 2021
Maya Kotur 2021
Ciena Metzger 2023
Lydia Morrison 2022
Mia Penn 2022
Haley Petterson 2020
Mia Seidel 2021
Rachel Smith 2021
Maggie Snyder 2023
Kalena Sultana 2021
Nikki Tortorella 2021
Margaret Woods 2023
Coaching Staff