How to Register for 2019-2020 Spring Sports

Interested in playing a SPORT 
in the 2019-2020 school year?

Registration & Tryout info.... READ BELOW!!!


INCOMING FRESHMEN: Your health physical will count towards your athletic physical. No need to get 2 physicals. Please make copies of the physical turn one into the Health office, and the other copy in to the Athletic. The current physical valid for 395 days from the examination date. 

SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS, SENIORS: Updated physical must be returned to the athletic office prior to the start of tryouts.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!Your son/daughter will NOT be able to participate in tryouts OR the start of the season without current physical. 

ALL Maine South Athletes are REQUIRED to do on-line registration via 8 to 18 website. To register online for Seasonal Sports use the following instructions: 

  1. Website to Register for Sports:


Registration Instructions

  1. Click on "Create an Account" and enter your email address. You will also be asked to create a password. (Plese be sure to remember the password as you will use this for the years to come.) 
  2. Click on "Begin Registration"
  3. Select your seasonal sport. Be careful to select gender specific sport.
  4. Click on or add particpant to register for the sport. (All information on this page is for that specific athlete.)
  5. Add parent/gardian information.
  6. Click next step on "Physical form". 
  7.  Click on "Legal" form to consent and agree to all information provided. (Please note that both  parent/gaurdian and student consent boxes must be checked to move forward.
  8. Click on "Finish" to complete your registration. A conformation email will be sent upon registration. 

2.    Turn in a physical signed by a physician to the Maine South Athletic Office by the Spec Gym.


If you plan to play a spring sport in 2020 it is best to have both steps above completed one week prior to the start of your season. Registration is now open for spring sports.  

4/1/2020 9:42 PM




Maine South High School
Administration & Athletic Staff



Superintendent Dr. Ken Wallace
Principal  Ben Collins
 Athletic Director Andy Turner 
Asst. Athletic Director JJ Crawford
Athletic Secretary Sue Butera
Athletic Trainer Jerry Bornhoff
Cheerleading Coach Brittany Pater
Hawkettes Coach Casey Gibbons

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Greg Nordahl 

Cross Country - Girls

Jeff Downing   


Dave Inserra 

Golf - Boys

 Steve Scholl

Golf - Girls

Kayla Hansen

Soccer - Boys 

Dan States 

Swimming and Diving - Girls

Don Kura 

Tennis - Girls

Jerry Smith

Volleyball - Girls

Kathleen Durkin

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys Tony Lavorato
Basketball - Girls Jeff Hamann
Cheerleading Brittany Pater
Gymnastics - Girls Tessa Robinson
Swimming and Diving - Boys Chris Deger
Wrestling Kevin Hansen

Spring Sport Coaching Staff



Badminton - Girls Eve Muir
Baseball Brian Lorenz
Lacrosse - Boys

Camerin Staffel

Lacrosse - Girls      Paige Comito
Soccer - Girls

J.J. Crawford 


Emily Pasier 

 Tennis - Boys

Jerry Smith

Track & Field - Boys

Scott Sutschek

Track & Field - Girls

Jeff Downing 

Water Polo - Boys

Terry Lyons 

Water Polo - Girls

Heather Rehm