2020 Nazareth Academy High School Summer Conditioning Camps

Nazareth will be offering summer sport conditioning camps for 2020 summer.  The following sport conditioning camps will open starting June 17: baseball, boys basketball, cheer, football, girls golf, boys golf, pom & dance, boys soccer, and girls soccer. The following camps will open in July: boys cross country, girls lacrosse, and wrestling.  You can go to the registration page (nazareth.8to18) for specific date/time/location/cost information.  Camps are open to all grade 9-12 students.


We are currently in IHSA Stage 1 - Return to Play.  The following guidelines are in place:


1. Athletes can attend ONE summer conditioning camp only.  We are suggesting that two-sport athletes choose their fall sport to attend; or if not in a fall sport, their winter sport to attend. It is ultimately your choice what camp to attend, but know that you can attend ONE camp only this summer.  For camps with multiple time sessions, please choose ONE time session.


2. All athletes must be registered by Monday, June 15 by 3:00pm.  Athletes will not be permitted to attend camp unless registered and paid in full.


3. No sport-specfic equipment should be brought on campus; Stage 1 is conditioning/training only.


4. Athletes must bring their own mask to wear at check in and their own water bottle with enough water to last duration of camp session.  Water jugs will not be available.


5. Indoor facilities will not be available.  Concession stand bathrooms will be open if needed.


6. In case of rain/bad weather - camps will be cancelled for that day.  You will be notified through an 8to18 email notification by an athletic department staff.  


7. The following check in procedure will take place each day of camp by athletic department:


* Athletes should be on campus at least 15 minutes before camp time to check in. Check in will be at west gate of Valenta Stadium by the gazebo.

* Parents, family members, and friends will not be allowed to remain on campus during camp sessions. If driving your student, we ask that you leave campus and return at the conclusion of the session, never leaving your vehicle.

* Athletes will be required to wear a mask for check in.

* Temperature will be taken and 5 COVID-19 related questions will be asked daily. Information will be logged each day. If the temperature is higher than 100.3, the athlete will be sent home.

* Athletes will be placed in groups of 9. They will remain in that same group through duration of Stage 1.


Go to nazareth.8to18.com to register.  Registration will open Tuesday, June 9 at 5:00pm.  Deadline is June 15 by 3:00pm.  Camps start Wednesday, June 17.


7/23/2020 12:00 PM

BOYS Wrestling

2019-2020 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Alex Carrillo 5'8" 155 2020
Jackson Fowler 5'9" 138 2020
Josh Fowler 5'9" 138 2020
Marcus Griffin 5'9" 225 2020
Robert Gurley 5'9" 195 2020
Javaughn Jossell 5'2" 112 2022
Zach Milos 5'6" 129 2022
Elijah Pesek 6'3" 165 2020
David Quintana 5'10" 167 2021
Leonel Rodriguez 5'9" 183 2020
Robert Rojo Jr. 5'11" 260 2022
Joe Urso 6'0" 225 2022
Coaching Staff
Brian Daly
Assistant Varsity / Head JV

Denis Laughlin
Head Varsity

2019-2020 Sophomore Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Aidan Juarez 5'11" 160 2022
Gerald Roberson, Jr. 6'1" 120 2023
Robert Rojo Jr. 5'11" 260 2022
Joe Urso 6'0" 225 2022
Ricardo Vazquez 5'6" 180 2022
Coaching Staff