IHSA Return to Play Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Sport Dates 2020-2021

Fall Season (August 10, 2020 - October 24, 2020)


Boys Golf - Head Coach Dave Reed; dreed4220@gmail.com

Girls Golf - Head Coach Chuck Rohlf; crohlf@nazarethacademy.com

Boys Cross Country - Head Coach Matt Lindgren; mlindgren@nazarethacademy.com

Girls Cross Country - Head Coach Joe Wejman; jwejman@nazarethacademy.com

Girls Tennis - Head Coach Lisa Straface; lstraface@nazarethacademy.com



Winter Season (November 16, 2020 - February 13, 2021)

Registration will open November 2, 2020



Boys Basketball - Head Coach Sean Pearson; spearson@nazarethacademy.com

Girls Basketball - Head Coach Eddie Stritzel; estritzel@nazarethacademy.com

Wrestling - Head Coach Denis Laughlin; dlaughlin@nazarethacademy.com

Competitive Cheer - Head Coach Jessica Darwish; jdarwish@nazarethacademy.com

Competitive Dance - Head Coach Katie Broenneke; kbroenneke@nazarethacademy.com



Spring Season (February 15, 2021 - May 1, 2021)

Registration will open February 1, 2021



Football - Head Coach Tim Racki; tracki@nazarethacademy.com

Boys Soccer - Head Coach Alex Wilkinson; awilkinson@nazarethacademy.com

Girls Volleyball - Head Coach Melissa Masterson; mvandrey@nazarethacademy.com



Summer Season (May 3, 2021 - June 26, 2021)

Registration will open April 19, 2021


Baseball - Head Coach Lee Milano; coachleemilano@sbcglobal.net

Softball - Head Coach Vicki Sobol; vsobol@nazarethacademy.com

Boys Track - Head Coach Paris Lewis; plewis@nazarethacademy.com

Girls Track - Head Coach TBD

Girls Soccer - Head Coach Diego Garcia; dgarcia@nazarethacademy.com

Girls Soccer - Head Coach Jen Milligan; jmilligan@nazarethacademy.com

Boys Lacrosse - Head Coach Mike Turner; mturner@nazarethacademy.com

Girls Lacrosse - Head Coach Michael Mossing; mmossing@nazarethacademy.com

Boys Tennis - Head Coach Jaydon Barello; jbarello@nazarethacademy.com









4/30/2021 12:00 AM



Nazareth Logo.


Administration and Athletic Staff




Debbie Tracy


Therese Hawkins

Academic Dean

Sister Terry Middendorf

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Jessica Radogno

Dean of Students

Tim Racki

Student Activities

Catherine Hamm

Athletic Director

Dennis Moran


Assistant Athletic Director

Kimberly Connell




Team Doctors

Dr. Tom Nelson 

Dr. Steven Chudik

Athletic Trainer

Jessica Liutkus



Kimberly Connell


Fall Sports



Boys Cross Country

Head Varsity:  Matt Lindgren

Assistant Varsity:  Mike Sliwinski

Boys Golf

Head Varsity:  David Reed

Head JV: Ray Jilek

Boys Soccer

Head Varsity:  Alex Wilkinson

Assistant Varsity:  Michael Mossing

Head JV:  Carl Brandon

Assistant JV: David Caldwell

Head F/S:  Nick Strobl

Assistant F/S:  TBD


Head Varsity:  Tim Racki

Assistant Varsity:  Casey Moran

Assistant Varsity:  Joe Battaglia

Assistant Varsity:  Jonathan Bittle

Assistant Varsity:  Brody Budmayr

Assistant Varsity:  Rudy Luna

Assistant Varsity:  Andy Miller

Assistant Varsity:  Tom Minogue

Assistant Varsity:  Mack Nelson

Assistant Varsity:  Joe Reynolds

Assistant Varsity:  Jeff Tumpane

Assistant Varsity:  Larry White

Assistant Varsity:  Jim Zimmerman

Assistant Varsity:  Joe Felice

Head F/S:  Matt Letcher

Assistant F/S:  Marco Alvarez

Assistant F/S:  Ed Cogan

Assistant F/S:  Todd Jones

Assistant F/S:  Rod Molek

Assistant F/S:  Mykal Neal

Assistant F/S:  Jake Reynolds

Assistant F/S:  Roy Verdin

Girls Cross Country

Head Varsity:  Joe Wejman

Assistant Varsity:  Anthony Gonzalez 

Girls Golf

Head Varsity:  Chuck Rohlf

Assistant Varsity:  Nicole Jeray

Head JV: Nicole Jeray

Girls Tennis

Head Varsity:  Lisa Straface

Assistant Varsity:  Susan Winters

Head Sophomore:  Jane Veldman

Assistant Sophomore:  Jami Nordenstam

Girls Volleyball

Head Varsity: Melissa Masterson

Assistant Varsity: Kyle Masterson

Head Sophomore: Courtney Keefe

Assistant Sophmore: Sean Ostrander

Head Freshman: Nathan Erdal

Marching Band

Director:  Mike Sliwinski

Cheer - Sideline

Head Varsity:  Jessica Darwish

Assistant Varsity:  Alexander Landeros

Pom and Dance - Sideline

Head Varsity:  Katie Broenneke

Assistant Varsity:  Kristen Yarka

Winter Sports



Boys Basketball

Head Varsity:  Sean Pearson

Assistant Varsity:  TBD

Assistant Varsity:  David King

Head Sophomore:  Paris Lewis

Assistant Sophomore:  Mitch Tlusty

Head Freshmen:  Patrick Sullivan

Assistant Freshmen:  Alex Wilkinson

Girls Basketball

Head Varsity:  Eddie Stritzel

Assistant Varsity:  Jeff Krason

Assistant Varsity:  Nicole Wehner

Head Sophomore:  Brian McManaman

Assistant Sophomore:  Jennifer Larson

Head Freshman:  Juan Gamboa

Assistant Freshman:  Andrew Ezell

Boys Wrestling

Head Varsity:  Denis Laughlin

Assistant Varsity:  Brian Daley

Head JV:  Mack Nelson

Boys Hockey

Head Varsity:  Danny VanGronigen

Cheer - Competition

Head Varsity:  Jessica Darwish

Assistant Varsity:  Alexander Landeros

Pom & Dance - Competition

Head Varsity:  Katie Broenneke

Assistant Varsity:  Kristen Yarka

Pep Band

Director:  Mike Sliwinski

Spring Sports



Boys Baseball

Head Varsity:  Lee Milano

Assistant Varsity:  John Saraceno

Assistant Varsity:  Rod Molek

Assistant Varsity:  Rudy Luna

Head Sophomore:  Mario Ortiz

Assistant Sophomore:  Erich Kittlaus

Head Freshmen:  Todd Jones

Assistant Freshmen:  Sam Kruel

Boys Tennis

Head Varsity:  Jaydon Barello

Head JV: Marco Alvarez

Boys Volleyball

Head Varsity:  Jennifer Milligan

Assistant Varsity:  Shane Frisbie

Head JV:  TBD

Assistant JV:  TBD

Boys Track & Field

Head Varsity:  Paris Lewis

Assistant Varsity:  David King

Boys Lacrosse

Head Varsity:  Mike Turner

Assistant Varsity: Mack Nelson

Head JV:  Joe Felice

Assistant JV:  Mack Nelson

Girls Softball

Head Varsity:  Vicki Sobol

Assistant Varsity:  Laura Enriquez

Assistant Varsity:  Scott Sobol

Head JV:  Molly Bealin

Assistant JV:  Brian McManaman

Girls Soccer

Head Varsity:  Diego Garcia

Assistant Varsity:  MaryKate Cicinelli

Head JV:  Carl Brandon

Assistant JV:  Nick Strobl

Freshman:  Aldair Dominguez

Girls Track & Field

Head Varsity:  TBD

Assistant Varsity:  Anna Slabek

Assistant Varsity:  Cora Byrne

Girls Lacrosse

Head Varsity:  Michael Mossing

Assistant Varsity:  Alex Wilkinson

Head JV:  JJ Albarran

Assistant JV:  Jennifer Larson