NCHS Summer Camp Information

Normal Community is excited to host the following summer camps for youth and high school-age kidsClick here to register for any NCHS summer camp.  We look forward to seeing you at our camps this summer! 

7/24/2021 3:34 PM


Superintendent                                               Dr. Kristen Kendrick-Weikle

Principal                                                         Trevor Chapman

Athletic Director                                              Nic Kearfott

Associate Principal                                         Nikki Maurer

Assistant Principal                                          Jeff Barnard

Assistant Principal                                          Courtney McClure

Assistant Principal                                          Anthony Clark      

Athletic Assistant                                            Beth Wagner

Athletic Trainers                                             Jackie Lambert



Head Coach:                                       Dylan Lamprich 

Assistant Coach:                                 Heather Gotschall



Head Coach:                                       Mindy Ewalt


Boys' Cross Country                        

Head Coach:                                       Tom Patten

Assistant:                                            Amy Scott


Boys' Golf                                         

Head Coach:                                       Nathan Foster

Assistant Coach:                                 Chris Coffey


Boys' Soccer                                      

Head Coach:                                       Matt Chapman

JV Coach:                                           Don Ideran



Head Coach:                                       Jason Drengwitz

Assistant:                                            Bryan Thomas

Assistant:                                            Chris Messina

Assistant:                                            Dan Murrin

Assistant:                                            Max Seibert

Assistant:                                            Mike Goodwin


Girls' Cross Country                       

Head Coach:                                       Tom Patten

Assistant:                                            Amy Scott


Girls' Golf                                         

Head Coach:                                       Mike Aslinger 


Girls' Tennis                                     

Head Coach:                                       Roger Juers


Girls’ Swimming/Diving                  

Head Coach:                                       Heather Budak

Assistant Coach:                                 Ivette Enriquez


Girls' Volleyball                                

Head Coach:                                       Christine Konopasek

JV Coach:                                            Mark Geier

Freshmen Coach:                                Keith Rice


Boys' Basketball                               

Head Coach:                                       Dave Witzig

Assistant Coach:                                 Nathan Foster

Sophomore Coach:                              Ryan Short

Freshmen Coach:                                Derrick Schonauer


Boys’ Swimming/Diving                  

Head Coach:                                        Heather Budak

Assistant Coach:                                  Phil Hoffman



Head Coach:                                       Trevor Kaufman

Assistant:                                            David Starr


Girls' Basketball                               

Head Coach:                                       Dave Feeney

Assistant Coach:                                 TBA

Sophomore Coach:                              Mike Goodwin

Freshmen Coach:                                Jason Salrin 


Boys' Baseball                                               

Head Coach:                                       Ryan Short

Assistant Coach:                                 Justin Steve

Assistant Coach:                                 Ray Gerard 

Assistant Coach:                                 Lance Bergmann


Boys' Lacrosse

Head Coach:                                       Mike Buelow

Assistant Coach:                                 TBA


Girls' Lacrosse

Head Coach:                                       Andy Grisinger 

Boys' Tennis                                     

Head Coach:                                       Roger Juers


Girls' Softball                                   

Head Varsity Coach:                          Steve Hassel

JV Coach:                                          TBA


Girls' Soccer                                     

Head Varsity Coach:                          Matt Chapman

JV Coach:                                          Sarah Bishop


Boys' Track & Field                         

Head Coach:                                       Bryan Thomas

Assistants:                                           Austin Brinkman


Girls' Track & Field                        

Head Coach:                                       Marcus Mann

Assistants:                                          Jon Boenzi