UPDATE for ATHLETIC Practices and Competitions

All sports practices, competitions, team gathering/meetings/activities are CANCELLED through APRIL 4th  or until further notice.  This includes all over-night and out-of-town trips, as well as all of the pre-season Parent/Team Meetings that were planned for tomorrow.


 Coaches will not be allowed to conduct or supervise any activities with their teams on campus or off-site.  District equipment may not be provided or loaned to students during this time. 


4/4/2020 11:30 PM


School Name Administration and Athletic Staff


 Dr. Jolynn Pruitt


Mr. Nate Rouse

Athletic Director

John Stelzer


Assistant Athletic Director    

Courtney Sakellaris


Athletic Secretary

Lori Foley


Athletic Trainers

 Aubrey Gabriek, Tim Mizdrak, Regina Topf

Fall Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Cross Country

Chris Baldwin


Melody Brown 

         Drill Team           

Carly Tarantino

      Field Hockey          

  Kristin Wirtz

Boys' Golf

Bill Young 

Boys' Soccer

Jason Fried 


John Hoerster

Girls' Cross Country

 Ashley Raymond

Girls' Golf

 Matt McMurray 

Girls' Tennis

 Fred Galluzzo

Girls Swimming/Diving

Clyde Lundgren

Girls' Volleyball

Kelly Collins

Winter Sports Coaching Staff


Boys Basketball

Matt Maloney



Paul Collins

Girls' Basketball

JP Coughlin


    Girls Gymnastics   

 Kris Wright

      Boys Swimming/Diving      

Clyde Lundgren

Spring Sports Coaching Staff

Girls' Badminton

Paul Wright

Boys' Baseball

Joe Parenti  

 Boys Lacrosse    

   Rocco Cherici

     Girls Lacrosse     

James Borja  

Boys' Tennis

  John Morlidge

Boys' Track & Field

  Tim Hasso

Girls' Softball

  Mel Kolbusz

Girls' Soccer

Christine Johnston 

Girls' Track & Field

Nicholas Michalek

      Boys Volleyball       

 Don August

  Boys Water Polo     

John Rapp

 Girls Water Polo    

Beth (Nickels) Perez