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PE Exemption Information

9th-12th grade students may be exempt from PE the semester they participate in an IHSA sport or Marching Band. They will need to obtain a PE Exemption form in Student Services. The form must be signed by their guardian as well as a coach/band director. They will then need to meet with their counselor to discuss the addition of an Academic Study Period (Study Hall), Late Arrival or Early Dismissal in place of PE.  Students opting for Late Arrival or Early Dismissal must provide their own transportation. Upperclassmen may also have the option of being a classroom aide or office monitor in lieu of the Academic Study Period. 

Athletes participating in a fall sport will have their 1st semester PE waived. Athletes participating in a winter sport will have their 2nd semester PE waived. Athletes participating in a spring sport will attend PE until the sport starts. At that point, they will no longer attend PE. Athletes in a spring sport will receive a "P" and .5 credit for their physical education because of their attendance in class. Fall and winter athletes will have a "P" on their transcript, but will not receive credit because they will not have participated in class. 
For further information, students should check with their counselors.  CLICK HERE for the exemption form.


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