*Boys Bowling Tryouts*

Please note!!!  Boys Bowling Tryouts will be from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, Monday 10/25 - Wednesday 10/27.  Make up day is Thursday, 10/28.

10/29/2021 8:30 AM

**Tryout Packet Information for the upcoming 21-22 Competitive Cheer season**

Please click HERE to get the 21-22 Panther Cheerleading Tryout Packet.  It contains all the details you need to know for the upcoming competitive season!

10/26/2021 8:30 AM


Registration for the winter season is now open!  Please click HERE to see detailed information regarding each sport's starting date and tryout information.

11/23/2021 4:00 PM

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there tryouts for sports teams or can everyone who signs up join the team?

How do students sign up for a sport?

Who is eligible to play sports at OHS?

Do athletes need a physical examination?

What if I have to turn in the freshman physical to the nurse?

What schools does OHS compete in sports?

Yes, we are a competitive program.  What does that mean?

Are there any costs to players that are members of athletic teams?

What is the school mascot?  What are the school colors?

Will athletes miss school to play in sports?

What about vacation days, holidays and other school conflicts?

What are the summer expectations?

How do teams travel to and from away games/events?

What if my student is injured, how is it handled?

If my student misses school, can they still go to practice or a game that same day?

Are there tryouts for sports teams or can everyone who signs up join the team?

Yes, most sports do have tryouts. Competitive high school sports often involve try-outs and athletes not making a team.  Not everyone will make all teams they try-out for and not everyone will play the exact position they might like to.  There is no promise or guarantee of playing time.  Playing time, positions, offenses, defenses, performances, routines, etc. are the decision of the head coach and the specific sport coaching staff.

How do students sign up for a sport?

All students must register online to participate in any tryout or practice at https://oswego.8to18.com/accounts/login  Click on ‘Begin Registration’ and walk through the steps.  We recommend participating in all summer camps you are interested in.  We normally post these offering by mid-February.

Who is eligible to play sports at OHS?

To be eligible to join a team, a student must be enrolled in Oswego High School and be in good academic and disciplinary standing as well as having passed 5 credit hours in the prior semester.  We also run a weekly eligibility check and all student-athletes must be passing 5 credit hours per week to participate in any games the following week.

Do athletes need a physical examination?

Yes.  No student will be allowed to practice or play a sport without a physical examination (this includes tryouts).  A medical Examination Report signed by a physician must be on file with the athletic office.  Physical exams are valid for 1 year plus 30 days from the signed date.  Physicals are kept on file throughout the year, so only one is required even if athletes play more than one sport in a year.  It is highly recommended to keep a copy at home as a backup procedure.  Forms are available on the OHS Athletic website and in the Athletic Office.

What if I have to turn in the freshman physical to the nurse?

For all freshman the nurses require a DHS physical form be turned in to them at school registration in August.  Athletics will accept a COPY of that physical for athletics, however the nurses WILL NOT accept the IHSA physical for school.  Please be sure to make extra copies for your files as well.

What schools does OHS compete with in sports?

OHS is a member of the Southwest Prairie Conference, the SPC competing schools are:


Oswego East

Plainfield Central

Plainfield East

Plainfield North

Plainfield South


West Aurora


Yes, we are a competitive program.  What does this mean?

  • Everyone does not make the team.  Every level and team have specific rules, policies, and expectations.  Check with your coach for specifics.
  • Coming to practices and games is mandatory.
  • Playing time is not equal.
  • The general OHS athletic statements and guidelines are available in one packet on the links section of the OHS  athletic website.

Are there any costs to players who are members of athletic teams?

There is a $300 athletic user fee that all athletes must pay once they make the team.  This covers expenses occurred by the district for this sport i.e. transportation, officials, uniforms, etc.  Each sport may have extra costs that the athlete will keep i.e. socks, team tshirts, shorts, etc. This fee must be paid on PUSHCOIN once it has posted OR a payment plan needs to be set up with the District Office or they may not be eligible to play in contests.  

What is the school mascot and school colors?

The school mascot is the Panther.  School colors are navy blue and orange.

Will athletes miss school to play sports?

Only in rare circumstances such as State Playoff events or events where leaving early for travel may be necessary.

What about vacation days, holidays or other school conflicts?

Competitive high school athletics normally practice or play 6 days per week.  Athletes are expected to be at all events, including those that occur over holidays, breaks, etc (i.e. Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break).  Missing events for any reason (including other school events, illness, vacations, etc) can impact playing time, position, etc.  Any athlete in any program that has more than 5 absences will be removed from that sport for the remainder of the season.  Unusual circumstances can be discussed on a case by case basis with the program coach in advance.

Athletes understand that competitions are scheduled and may conflict with other school events such as plays, dances, other sporting events (i.e. football games), proms, possibly even graduation for certain sports in the spring season.  Athletes are expected to compete at their event BEFORE being concerned about any other conflicting event.  If an athlete chooses not to compete, then it is understood that position and/or playing time may be impacted. Check with your coach for specific schedules.

What are the summer expectations?

Competitive high school sports require participation in the off- season and during the summer in various conditioning and/or camps and leagues in order to keep both the athlete and the team as competitive as possible.  Although these items are not mandatory, they are highly recommended and encouraged in order to give the athletes the best opportunity to achieve.  Athletes understand that by not taking part in these events, they may be passed up by athletes who improve their skill sets by taking part.

How do teams travel to and from games/events?

High school athletics require travel to and from events on district approved transportation.  All team members are expected to travel to and from events together on the bus.  A travel release form can be requested for rare family emergency or special events.  These forms are available on the this website and must be filled-out and signed by a parent and then approved by the athletic department office at least 24 hours in advance of the event.  Athletes that are late to a departure time for a bus may not be allowed to travel and/or take part in that event.

What if my student is injured, how is it handled?

All injuries that occur, including head injuries, will be looked at and evaluated by our athletic training staff and, if need be, will be directed to a medical doctor.  Protocols are in place to protect the players’ safety and welfare.  These protocols will be followed to the letter and there will be no return to play until the issue is cleared completely by satisfactory completion of the protocol and/or medical clearance from a medical doctor.The potential for injury is inherent in all interscholastic athletic activities.  Even with the best coaching, the most advanced protective equipment, and a strict observance of rules, injuries can and will happen.  Although serious injuries are not common in supervised high school athletic programs, it is impossible to eliminate the inherent risk. Parents and students must be willing to accept the risks associated with inter-scholastic sports participation.

If my student misses school, can they still go to practice or the game that same day?

A student must be in attendance for 4 periods in a school day in order to be eligible to practice or play in that same day.  A student that leaves school for illness before the end of the school day cannot return to practice or a game that same day. A student that misses a Friday can practice or play on a Saturday. Emergency or unusual situations can be reviewed on a case by case basis.


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