Athletic Orientation Meeting for Incoming Freshmen for School Year 21-22 (Recording Link)

On Wednesday, April 28th, at 7 pm Oswego Athletics hosted a virtual athletic orientation for all interested 8th graders that will be entering OHS as freshmen in school year 2021-22.
The link for the meeting recording is below.  Please feel free to view it and follow up with us on any questions you might have.

6/5/2021 8:00 PM

Summer Sport Spectator Guidelines and Updates

Please click this LINK for the most up to date guidelines for summer sport spectators.

6/19/2021 8:02 PM

Spring/Summer Sports and Out of Season Sports, Contact Days Info, and Bus Schedules

Panthers and Panther Parents,

During the time period from March 13 to June 19, IHSA spring and summer sports will run.  Those sports will include boys soccer, girls volleyball, football from March 13 to April 24 and then wrestling and our traditional spring sports from April 5th through June 19th.  You must be registered on 8to18 and have a current physical to participate in a spring or summer sport.  For out of season sports, contact days will be available.  A number of our out of season sports programs will offer these contact days.  Information for those will be shared sport by sport by the head coach.  Here is the link that will show the bus routes that will run each school day during remote learning to get students to OHS for a 2:30 to2:40 pm drop off for either spring/summer practices or contact days if it is needed for a student to get here.  There is no return service, so students would have to be picked up from OHS after thier contact day is done.  All students would have to follow the Phase 4 Guidelines in order to participate.

If you have interest in any particular out of season sport, here is the link for the e-mail addresses of each head coach of an out of season sport that you can contact for more information.   COACH E MAILS

5/22/2021 3:30 PM


Click HERE to find out how you can watch your favorite Panther athletes and sport teams compete for the rest of the 20-21 school year!!!  

6/30/2021 7:02 PM


2020-2021 JV Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
00 Colby Nance GK 0'0" 2023
2 Eliseo Sven Vargas Mid 0'0" 2023
3 Aaron Contreras Def 0'0" 2022
4 Damian Murguia Def/Mid 0'0" 2022
5 Ian Laird Def/St 0'0" 2023
6 David Seeger Mid 0'0" 2023
7 Christian Perez Mid 0'0" 2023
8 Jacob Dickerson Def 0'0" 2022
9 Joseph Walters Def/Mid 0'0" 2023
10 Jair Magana Mid/St 0'0" 2022
11 Marco Torres St 0'0" 2023
12 Connor Kehoe Mid 0'0" 2023
13 Joey Bacerdo Def 0'0" 2023
14 Austin King Def/Mid 0'0" 2022
15 Christopher Vazquez Def 0'0" 2023
16 Alexander Mathew St/Mid 0'0" 2023
17 Rafael Barrera Mid 0'0" 2022
18 Raymond Aguilar Mid 0'0" 2023
19 Josh Nelson Mid 0'0" 2023
21 Tyler Crest Def/GK 0'0" 2023
24 Adrian Contreras St 0'0" 2023
Adilene Santacruz Mgr 0'0" 2021
Betsy Segura Mgr 0'0" 2022
Coaching Staff