8th Grade Athletic Orientation Night

We held a 8th grade athletic orientation webinar online on 4/29 and you can now watch the recording by clicking HERE.  Please skip the first 10 minutes of the webinar as we opened it early and stay for the end as we answer viewers questions.  Also below is the packet our coaches put together with information for each sport.  Please feel free to contact the coaches directly or the athletic office with any questions or concerns.


At this time due to COVID-19 all of our summer camps are on hold.  We are hoping that everything is back to normal by then and we can proceed as normal, however we can not confirm at this time.


CLICK HERE for the 8th grade information packet.

5/30/2020 9:00 PM

Team Stats


Freshman Baseball Team Leaders after 14 games
Record 4-3 in conference 6-9 overall

Batting Average in at least 25 at bats

Brendan O'Dea- .305

Danny Mangers-10
Josh Oros-10

OB %
Brendan O'Dea- .555
Josh Oros- .448

Stolen Bases
Brendan O'Dea-12
Kelse Gengler- 9

Danny Mangers-5
Rick Tormey-4
 Jose Camacho-3

Gengler-1-2(no decision)