SD308 and IHSA Update January 15th

The IHSA Board of Directors met for their regularly scheduled Board meeting on January 13th. Here is a quick recap on the information from that meeting.

* IHSA sports remain in a pause until IDPH determines otherwise. We could see potential rollbacks by region as early as today, Jan. 15, but a chance exists that the status of sports may not change even if rollbacks occur.

* The Board approved the resumption of “contact days” in all IHSA sports that are not in a season as soon as IDPH allows. 

* Given our current pause, the IHSA Board plans to meet again on January 27 to set a schedule for the remainder of the year, although they realize time is drawing short. See their full statement in the release below.

The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Board of Directors met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, where the Board announced that all IHSA sports not operating under an official IHSA season calendar may begin to conduct contact days as soon as they are allowable per Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) mitigations and local school guidance. Contact days normally exist within the IHSA as informal voluntary offseason workouts.

"The IHSA acknowledges the immense mental, emotional, and physical strain that a lack of contact with school programs is causing Illinois high school student-athletes,” said IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson. “It is our intention that these contact days provide sport-specific training under the leadership of high school coaches. This is an effort to provide a viable sports option to high school athletes given the growing number of student-athletes opting for higher risk opportunities within the state and across state lines."

Additionally, the Board reviewed several options outlining a sports schedule framework for the remainder of the school year. The Board directed the IHSA staff to take feedback from today’s meeting, as well as any insight gained in the coming weeks, and bring forward viable scheduling options for a special Board meeting on January 27, 2021. The Board will provide an update following that meeting.

Once state leadership allows for low-risk winter sports (Boys & Girls Bowling, Cheerleading, Dance, Girls Gymnastics, Boys Swimming & Diving, and Badminton) to begin participation, those teams will be allowed to begin practice immediately and then continue their season through the season calendar established by the Board later this month.

Oswego and Oswego East High School continue to work with the IHSA to promote a safe return to play as soon as it is possible in conjunction with IDPH and IHSA mitigations and guidelines.


1/21/2021 6:38 PM


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2019-2020 Combined Schedule
Date Day Event H/A Time Location Results
07/06/2019 Sat vs. Delta Aquatics - BLUE GYM - DELTA AQUATICS GAME H TBA Pool,Blue Gym -
07/07/2019 Sun vs. Delta Aquatics - BLUE GYM H TBA Blue Gym,Pool -
08/21/2019 Wed vs. Curriculum Night H 6:00 PM Main Gym -
08/23/2019 Fri vs. Blue Silver Community Bash H 4:30 PM -
10/05/2019 Sat vs. Walk for the Cure H 11:00 AM -
10/23/2019 Wed vs. H 6:30 PM -
10/25/2019 Fri vs. BLOOD DRIVE IN WRESTLING ROOM H 7:00 AM Wrestling Room -
11/02/2019* Sat vs. IRCA Competition H TBA -
11/03/2019* Sun vs. IRCA Competition H TBA -
11/14/2019 Thu vs. TBD - Future Wolves Night H 5:00 PM -
12/07/2019* Sat vs. Holiday Shoppe - Blue Gym - All Day H TBA Blue Gym -
01/03/2020 Fri vs. Delta Aquatics - BLUE GYM H TBA Pool,Blue Gym -
01/04/2020 Sat vs. Delta Aquatics - BLUE GYM H TBA Pool,Blue Gym -
01/05/2020 Sun vs. Delta Aquatics - BLUE GYM H TBA Pool,Blue Gym -
01/17/2020 Fri vs. Delta Aquatics - BLUE GYM H TBA -
01/18/2020 Sat vs. Delta Aquatics - BLUE GYM H TBA Blue Gym,Pool -
01/19/2020 Sun vs. Delta Aquatics - BLUE GYM H TBA -
02/22/2020 Sat vs. Delta Aquatics - BLUE GYM H TBA -
02/23/2020 Sun vs. Delta Aquatics - BLUE GYM H TBA Pool -
02/29/2020 Sat vs. TBD - IWCOA Tournament H 7:00 AM Main Gym -
03/01/2020 Sun vs. TBD - IKWF Tournament H TBA Main Gym -
04/09/2020 Thu vs. Welcome to the Pack Night - Postponed H 6:00 PM -
04/10/2020 Fri @ TBD - GOOD FRIDAY TBA TBA -
04/14/2020 Tue vs. TBD - PLANK TRACK-CANCELED H 4:00 PM Stadium -
04/18/2020 Sat vs. Special Needs Prom H TBA -