Will County has been moved to tier 1, sports will be starting up again finally !! 

This week, the following sports will be allowed to start practicing (Jan 25th, 2021): Badminton, Boys and Girls Bowling, Cheer, Dance and Boys Swimming.  Coaches will be emailing out information about starting days and times.  

Be sure your athlete is registered for their sport (if you have not done so already) AND they have a current physical on file in the athletic office.  

Other sports will be starting conditioning soon, as well.  Information will be posted on that once we are cleared to begin.  

Information is given to the athletic office from the ISHA and our District - please remember that all things are fluid and can change daily.  Any and all changes we will do our best to communicate and update the news as quickly as possible.      


5/3/2021 2:00 PM


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There are no ENGINEERING CLUB (N) games from 27 Wed, January 2021.


Engineering Club, was started 3 years ago during the 2009-2010 school year by Mr. Hines and students who wanted learn more about engineering and student who could not take Mr. Hines' classes due to scheduling conflicts. This club provides student an opportunity to learn about engineering, use engineering software and tools, build project based on their own designs, and to compete in competitions against each other. We meet once a week through out the school year. Student can join at any time. Some of the projects we design and build are 2 Liter bottle rockets, model rockets, rat/mouse trap cars, glides, bridges, towers, trebuchet/ballista's, and sail boats. See Mr. Hines in room 186 if you have any questions.


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