Dear Storm Families,
I know that there are many questions regarding athletics and the adaptive pause that was announced by Superintendent
Sanders Monday night as well as the statement from the IHSA on Tuesday and Thursday. For those of you that are unaware School District U46 will be taking an adaptive pause beginning on November 23rd, and as of now going through December 4th. This decision was made in conjunction with the Kane County Regional Office of Education along with the Kane County Health Department. This adaptive pause means that all in-person instruction and activities must be put on hold. This does apply to athletics as well, please understand that this does not mean your season is canceled. The IHSA has also currently put the winter season on hold.  The IHSA will meet again on December 2nd to hopefully determine when the winter season can start up again.  As of Friday, November 20th all practices must be put on hold.  

What this means for the South Elgin Athletic Department is that we will be on hold, for in-person activities, during this
time as well. We will conclude the week with our scheduled picture day on Saturday, November 21st. When the pause begins on Monday, November 23rd we will not be able to hold any in-person practices or competitions. Our coaches will still work to provide virtual opportunities to our student-athletes during this time.

Please understand that we will need to be prepared to adjust during this pause as we get closer to the end of the
scheduled pause. Through all of this, I appreciate all of our coaches ’ dedication and flexibility to serve the needs of our
student-athletes. I also appreciate all of our family’s flexibility and responsiveness during these times. Through all of this,
the South Elgin Athletic Department is dedicated to providing opportunities and the best experiences possible for our
student-athletes. While we understand that this situation is not ideal we are still dedicated to supporting all of our student-athletes. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you again for supporting South Elgin Athletics. We look forward to updating you soon.

Mike Jezioro
Athletic Director
South Elgin High School

12/4/2020 2:21 PM


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There are no BOYS TRACK (V) games from 24 Tue, November 2020.

BOYS TRACK | Varsity

Good day to our track and field community! 

Parent meeting February 25th at 6:30pm in the Commons

AS YOU REGISTER athletes please read the following… DAY ONE OF PRACTICE IS MONDAY JAN 21st....Make up for this day will be on Thursday after practice.  No athletes can participate without a fee, form or PHYSICAL.


  1. DETERMINATION/attention to detail
  2. HARD WORK/consistency
  3. COMMUNICATION/teamwork
  4. TOGETHER/positivity

 2. The 2020 track and field season will begin at 3pm in B100 WITH AN ALL TEAM MEETING.   ATTENDANCE AT THE MEETING ON JAN 21ST IS MANDATORY. Athletes will be assigned a locker. Practice on DAY ONE should be over at 5pm.

3. All athletes must have a physical on file at the school by FRIDAY January 17TH in order to be able to begin practices.


5. PRACTICES will be MON through SAT.  We will have meets on a very focused schedule.

6. PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE- All athletes should bring shorts, winter training clothes and a t-shirt to practice in as well as GOOD running shoes ON DAY ONE. DO NOT WEAR 'nike free' types shoes during INDOOR, Jan through March. The only results we get from those shoes are shin splints.  Grab a nice pair of trainers.

7. PRACTICE TIMES AND DAYS will be handed out at the first meeting. Track and field is THE LONGEST season.

8. Our first week will be an ‘explanation week’ focused on creating a TEAM environment and proper technique. We also look to get an idea of what type of athlete each individual will be based on abilities and what *the athlete* wants to do.

9. To ensure that you perform at the highest level possible at the last meet during EACH year, including YOUR senior year, WE will always work to build individuals with strong character, who always make the best decisions possible. That strong character comes from being DISCIPLINED, focused on PREPARATION, always being YOUR BEST and putting the TEAM FIRST. If you as an athlete follow our team rules and perform at your best day in and day out the above will be a rewarding high school experience!!  

ATTENDANCE by a parent/guardian IS NEEDED.  If this is your athletes FIRST sport for high school ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY for the parent and student.


Team Rosters

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