2019-20 Sports Offered...

Fall Sports Offered


Cheerleading, Sideline – tryouts in April

Cross Country, Boys and Girls –

Dance, Sideline – tryouts in April


Golf, Boys and Girls   

Soccer, Boys     

Swimming, Girls –

Tennis, Girls – 

Volleyball, Girls 


Winter Sports

Picture Days November 21 & December 4, 2019

Basketball, Boys and Girls – Register in October

Bowling, Boys and Girls – Register in October

Cheerleading, Competitive – Register in October

Dance, Competitive – Register in October

Gymnastics, Girls – Register in October

Swimming, Boys – Register in October

Wrestling – Register in October


Spring Sports

Picture Day for all Spring Sports March 14, 2020

Badminton, Girls – Register beginning February

Baseball, Boys – Register beginning  February

Lacrosse (Boys & Girls)- Registration beginning of February

Soccer, Girls – Register beginning  February

Softball, Girls – Register beginning  February

Tennis, Boys – Register beginning  February

Track & Field, Boys and Girls - Register in December

Volleyball, Boys – Register beginning February

Bass Fishing - Register in February

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BOYS TRACK | Varsity

Good day to our track and field community!

AS YOU REGISTER your athlete please read the following… DAY ONE OF PRACTICE IS TUESDAY JAN 16th.. Make up for this day will be on Thursday at 6AM in weight room.

1.    The 2018 track and field season will begin on Tuesday January 16th, 2018 at 3pm in B100 WITH AN ALL TEAM MEETING.   ATTENDANCE AT THE MEETING ON Jan 16th IS MANDATORY.  Athletes will be assigned a locker. Practice on DAY ONE should be over at 5pm.

2.    All athletes must have a physical on file at the school by FRIDAY January 13th in order to be able to begin practices.

3.     WORKOUTS START Wednesday 17th!!

5.    All athletes should bring shorts and a t-shirt to practice in as well as a GOOD running shoes. DO NOT WEAR 'nike free' types shoes during INDOOR, Jan through March. The only results we get from those shoes are shin splints.

6.    PRACTICE TIMES AND DAYS will be handed out at the first meeting. Track and field is THE LONGEST season. Expect Saturday practices during indoor and SPRING BREAK will have CRUCIAL activities for our athletes.

7.    Prepare for a schedule for practices, meets and events throughout the year. We build our team culture through many different routes. We will train as event groups based on the strengths of the individual athletes. 

8.    Our first week will be an ‘explanation week’ focused on creating a TEAM environment and proper technique. We also look to get an idea of what type of athlete each individual will be based on abilities and what *the athlete* wants to do.

9.    ALL athletes will be expected to move in a common direction, together. All athletes are expected to contribute to the team in a positive fashion. ALL ATHLETES are expected to make the team a priority in their life.   

10. To ensure that you perform at the highest level possible at the last meet during EACH year, including YOUR senior year, WE will always work to build individuals with strong character, who always make the best decisions possible. That strong character comes from being DISCIPLINED, focused on PREPARATION, always being YOUR BEST and putting the TEAM FIRST. If you as an athlete follow our team rules and perform at your best day in and day out the above will be a rewarding high school experience!!  

11. The parent meeting will be FEBRUARY 9th at 6pm.  ATTENDANCE by a parent/guardian IS NEEDED.  If 

Team Rosters

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