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Girls' Bowling

The girls bowling season will start on Monday, November 18th. Transportation to Elgin Lanes will be provided by the school for girls that do not have access to their own vehicle.  You will be riding on one of the buses that is parked behind the school.  The bus leaves at 3:05 everyday.  Practice will be from 3:30 - 5 P.M. Transportation is not provided back to South Elgin High School. Each athlete will be required to find their own transportation home. Please have your rides arrive to Elgin Lanes at 4:45 daily. The items you will need to bring with you, if you have them, are: bowling shoes, bowling ball, and water. An extended calendar for the entire season will be given to all athletes and parents. You must have a physical on file with the Athletic Office.  More information will be given at the Pre-Season meeting which will be announced in the student bulletin soon.