Fall Sports begin August 9, 2021

Registration for Fall Sports is now open!!  Fall Sports include:  Boys' & Girls' Cross Country, Football, Boys' and Girls' Golf, Boys' Soccer, Girls' Swim & Dive, Girls' Tennis & Girls' Volleyball.  Once registration is open, start by clicking on the registration tab above. If your student was registered for a sport last year, or if he/she registered for a summer camp, you need to use the same log-in email and password as before.   If this is your first time registering on 8to18, you will need to use an email and create a password. This email is used by coaches and the athletic office for sending out messages and other sports related information to you.  You must have a sports physical on file with the Athletic Office before the first day of try-outs. (Do not bring the day of tryouts) You can email them to: southelginhighschoolathletics@u-46.org or fax to 847 888-5018.   VIP pictures are August 20 & 21.

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Football Fall of 2021

2021 Fall Season Checklist - 1st Day of Practice August 9, 3-6pm

1) Must have passed 3 academic courses during your spring semester. 

2) Must have registered for the 2021 school year with the SEHS Guidance Department. If you are new to South Elgin HS you must get the proper forms from the Athletic Office. (This does not mean incoming Freshman).

3) Must have registered for the fall football season at il.8to18.com/sehs.  (Registration will open July 12, 2021)

a) You have been provided an entire off-season to be prepared to start the Football season on time. If you are not ready to participate on Day #1, due to your inability to be accountable / prepared, this will inevitably have an impact on your preparation for our upcoming opponent and you will be missing important practice time. If you have questions please make sure to ask well in advance. 

b) If you are new to the program, or you have not participated in our summer camp, you must be registered online in order to receive your equipment on the first day of football, August 9th.

4) Must have completed annual sports physical (must be current through December 2021) in order to participate during the 2021 football season. Take care of this prior to August 1st, in order for our Athletic office to have enough time to process this, so that you can participate on the first day of practice - August 9th. 

5) Completed the Concussion Screening and Protocol Presentation prior to the first contest of the Season (Date TBD). You will not be allowed to participate unless you have completed this screening. District U-46 will provide the service and our athletic trainer will facilitate the process. 

7) Reviewed the IHSA protocol for eligibility to participate in the first contest. Important IHSA Attendance Requirement – “A student shall become eligible to participate in an interscholastic contest in Boys Football after completing a minimum of 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of actual field practice on twelve(12) different days, excluding Sunday, and any day on which the student actually plays in an interscholastic football contest.” 

Storm Football Season FAQ’s 

Where can I find the schedule and other important information for South Elgin football?


Where do I register for the football season? Camp registration takes place on http://il.8to18.com/sehs

I took a physical last year; do I need a new one?

Yes.  Every athlete must have a new physical on file with the athletic/nurses offices prior to

beginning the football season.  All physicals are valid for one calendar year; therefore, if you have a physical on file from a spring semester sport that physical will be deemed valid.

How do I handle any absence during the season?

Please try to provide advance notice and email Coach Teonic (Varsity), Coach Zimmerman

(Sophomore/JV), or Coach Thornton (Freshmen) prior to the absence.  We have a very competitive program with a lot of players trying to earn playing time.  Consistent attendance is extremely important to our coaching staff. We must be able to trust your child and their commitment to their teammates in order to have a chance of participating in a game during the fall.  Playing time is earned and not guaranteed in high school athletics. If a player’s attendance is inconsistent, do not expect them to play on game day. 

What do I do if I am injured and can’t participate?

If a player is injured, they should still report to practice and receive treatment and rehabilitation from our Athletic Trainer.  They are part of a team sport and need to remain involved in the team setting based on the recommendation of the Athletic Trainer and Medical Staff.

What do I need to bring to practice?

Notebook/pen, helmet, shoulder pads, girdle, kneepads, practice pants/jersey, cleats, gym shoes, extra t-shirt, and a water bottle with name on it.  The water system will be running, but we recommend you bring your own water bottle. All assigned football equipment, including a purchased girdle and mouthpiece, should be with the player daily.  Please make sure you shower immediately following practice and launder your clothing daily. You should also wipe down your shoulder pads and helmet weekly with soapy water and a washcloth to ensure we fight off any bacteria or fungus.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

We still have practice on these days.  We will make sure all players are safe and we will move practice inside.

What are the Locker Room Procedures and Policies?

Lockers will be assigned and a lock will be issued for each football participant. Do not leave cell phones or valuables unsecured.  If you have any equipment issues, make sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of practice to ensure that your equipment can be adjusted or replaced and email your levels head coach in advance.  There will also be planned dates/times available at the end of practice to complete this. Your equipment is your responsibility. Any equipment not returned will result in a fine slip. Note: Players should never be in a locker room unattended or without permission of a coach.

Where should I drop off and pick up our player?

The Drop Off/Pick Up area for practice should be the MAIN STREET Door 51 Gymnasium

Entrance of South Elgin High School.  Students will report to the Commons area for check

in/attendance.  All athletes who drive should park on that side of the building as well. Please do not use parking lot next to Tennis Courts or the lot adjacent to the practice field. Please help us ensure that all student-athletes are picked up in a timely manner.

Can parents attend practice?

Yes, parents are welcome to attend and watch practice whenever they like.  Only coaches who are part of our coaching staff are allowed to coach or direct players.  Parents will need to make sure they are in the designated viewing areas at all times.

Please appreciate and respect the process of preparing for the upcoming football season by

demonstrating consistency in everything you do.

Important Contact Information

Head Varsity Football Coach


SEHS Athletics Website - http://il.8to18.com/sehs

Please make sure to check this site for announcements and scheduling.

Head Sophomore Coach


Head Freshmen Coach


Athletic Trainer:  TBA



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