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About Us

The Trinity High School athletic program includes 12 sports and 27 teams. Trinity’s Blazers participate in interscholastic athletic competition in conjunction with the Girls Catholic Athletic Conference (GCAC) under the auspices and rules of the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). The main objective of Trinity’s athletic program, which is cocurricular to our educational mission, is to foster participation, competition, sportsmanship, skill and social development.




The Trinity High School Athletic Department gives young women an opportunity to compete on the interscholastic level in a variety of sports.  It seeks to promote teamwork among peers and adults in the spirit of competition.  The student-athlete exemplifies the Trinity ideals of faith, knowledge and truth, as well as being committed to the spiritual, ethical, intellectual and social growth.  Each student-athlete takes pride in building and representing the ongoing tradition of Trinity High School’s excellence in athletic achievement, which enhances life-long learning.


It has been an ongoing tradition and philosophy of the Trinity High School Athletic Department that participation in athletics is an integral part of the education process.  Participation in Trinity athletics is a privilege and an honor, not a right to be taken for granted.  Athletics provides opportunities for students to grow and come to value sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play.  Participation in athletics can teach educational values such as discipline, dedication, desire, courage, dignity, sacrifice, competition, responsibility, leadership and pride.  The true value of high school athletics rests in the learning of these life-long lessons. 


The success of our athletic teams is a direct result of the following: dedication of our coaches, continuing cooperation between members of the athletic department and the school administration, the support provided by the Booster Club, parents and members of the community, and the dedication, skill and participation of our athletes.  In administering the athletic program, efforts will be made to offer those activities, which meet the needs and interests of the students, to provide the best possible facilities and to provide qualified coaches.  The primary concern in conducting the athletic program is the health and welfare of the student-athletes.