Fall Contact Days- Update 9/24

Update as of 9/24 

Next week the Warriors will be adding Girls Badminton and Cheer to our Fall Contact Days. Please see the full list and sport-specific contact information below. We will continue to communicate any changes to our programs as they arise. 

Greetings from Willowbrook High School.

We hope this message finds you safe, healthy, and well.

As we prepare for the winter, spring, and summer athletic seasons we would like to share information related to the start of our Fall Contact Days. 

During the Fall Contact Period, schools can conduct contact days that are consistent with the Illinois All-Sports Policy guidelines. Fall Contact Days will run from September 21st thru October 31st and each program will send their schedule once registration is completed. 

The health and safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. Therefore, Willowbrook will be hosting contact days outdoors on our campus and the following precautions will be practiced daily. Fall Contact Day Expectations

All staff and students will be required to complete daily temperature and symptom screenings, masks are required to be worn at all times, and hands and equipment will be sanitized before, during, and after all practices. 

Contact days are only open to students who are not currently participating in a fall sport. Once their fall sports season (Boys and Girls Cross Country, Boys and Girls Golf, Girls Swimming, and Girls Tennis) has concluded, they may register and attend. Any student who quits a current fall sport will not be allowed to participate in a contact day for any other sport until the fall sport has finished their season. Athletes and coaches will only be allowed to participate in one practice per day. 

Map of pick up/drop off sites: LINK


Please visit our website at il.8to18.com/willowbrook to register for a sport. If you need instructions to register, they are located on the front page of the website under the resources section. Once you have registered, your coach will be in contact with you to inform you of the fall contact day information and sport-specific protocols. Current sports offering contact days: Baseball, Softball, Girls Volleyball, Poms, Cheer, Badminton, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, and Football.

Additionally, a student must have a current physical on file to participate in athletics. You can find the physical form under the resources section on the website as well. Physicals can be emailed to Alma Villegas at AVILLEGAS@dupage88.net or be dropped off at door #45 between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm. To schedule a drop off appointment, please call 630-782-3144. 

Head Coach, Vic Wisner vwisner@dupage88.net
REMIND Code @a77gf4

Twitter: @WB_Baseball1

Boys Soccer
Head Coach, Dan Riskind driskind@dupage88.net
REMIND Code: @2019willow

Twitter: @WBbsoccer

Head Coach, Nick Hildreth nhildreth@dupage88.net

REMIND Code: @mrnhild

Google Classroom- Class Code: 24l23jf


Girls Soccer
Head Coach Julio DelReal @jdelreal@dupage88.net

REMIND: @wbgsoccer 

Google Classroom- Class Code: bv22r2d


Girls Volleyball
Head Coach, Irene Mason imason@dupage88.net

Remind Code- Freshman Class Code: g633be

Remind Code -Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors Class Code: 9aee46

Google Classroom- Virtual Volleyball 2020, Class Code: kmcsjay

Twitter @WBvball



Head Coach, Maggie Porter mporter@dupage88.net

Google Classroom- Class Code:dpqw5ha

Twitter: @WBPoms



Head Coach, Rachel Karos rkaros@dupage88.net

REMIND Code for Softball: @ddbdec

Twitter: @gsbwbrook



Head Coach, Eastman Tiu etiu@dupage88.net

REMIND Code:@wecan20

Twitter: @wbbadminton



Head Coach, Gabby Horabik ghorabik@dupage88.net

Google Classroom Class Code:dinmcaa

Twitter: @WBcheers


Reminders for all athletes:

  • Bring a face mask.

  • Bring a personal water bottle.

  • Must Maintain social distancing.

  • Must have completed the 8to18 Registration.

  • Must have an up to date Physical.

  • Will be required to complete daily temperature and symptom screening.

  • Must Adhere to sport-specific IHSA Guidelines.

Thank you for your continued support of Willowbrook High School and Go Warriors!!


With Warrior Pride,

Mr. Brandon Murphy

Athletic Director




10/31/2020 8:46 PM





Willowbrook High School Administration and Coaching Staff


Dr. Scott Helton


Dan Krause

Athletic Director

Brandon Murphy

Assistant Principal

Bob Daly

 Assistant Principal

Jamie Gourley

Athletic Secretary

Alma Villegas



Athletic Trainer

Jessica Falcinelli

Fall Sports Coaching Staff


Head Coach                     Gabrielle Horabik

JV Coach                          

Pom Pons

Head Coach                        Maggie Porter

Asst.                                    Autumn Jones

Boys' Cross Country

Head Coach                        TJ Artman

Boys' Golf

Head Coach                        Gary Walker
Asst.                                    Scott Forcash

Boys' Soccer

Head Varsity Coach            Dan Riskind
      Ivan Jimenez   
Soph                                    Julio Del Real
Fr                                         Ryan Bazon 


Head Varsity Coach          Nick Hildreth

Asst.                                  Jamal Thomas

Asst.                                  Steve Malok
Asst.                                  Eric Coppersmith
Asst.                                  Anthony Gebhart

Asst.                                  Nick Gebhart
Asst.                                  Vic Wisner 

Asst.                                  Mike Marotta
Asst.                                  Eric Woosley

Asst.                                  Jibril Jones

Asst.                                  Dom Battaglia

Asst.                                  Steve Rico

Asst.                                  Nick Kilianek

Soph Coach.                    Terrence Miller

Asst.                                  Anthony Pennella
Asst.                                  Mark Cunningham
Asst.                                  Bill Degnan

Head Frosh Coach           Jibril Jones
Asst.                                  Sam Key
Asst.                                 Dennis Coppersmith        

Girls' Cross Country

Head Coach                        Clyde Ware

Girls' Golf

Head Coach                        Jim White

Girls' Tennis

Head Coach                        Eduardo De la Cruz
Asst.                                    Suzi Lobdell

Girls Swimming/Diving

Head Coach                            Tara Murphy

Asst Coach                             Amy Martello

Girls' Volleyball

Head Varsity Coach                Irene mason
Fresh Coach                           Katherine Milling
Fresh Coach                           Rachel Karos
Sophomore Coach                  Hannah Walsh

Winter Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Basketball

Head Varsity Coach                Chris Perkins
Asst.                                        Troy Nelson

Soph  Coach                           Ryan Tyszkiwiecz
Fr.  A Coach                           Everette Stubblefield
Fr.  B Coach                            Jim White

Boys Swimming/Diving

Head Varsity Coach                Neil Wahlgren
Asst. Coach                             
 Jen Burns

Girls Bowling

Head Varsity Coach                 Kevin Allen




Head Varsity Coach                 Tim Ortiz
Asst.                                         Gary Walker

JV1 Coach                            

JV2 Coach                          
Fr.  Coach                               Steve Belknap

Girls' Basketball

Head Varsity Coach                 Terry Harrell
JV Coach                                 Irene Mason

Soph Coach                             Dan Bannon
Fr. A Coach                              Sam Key

Fr. B Coach                              Ben Kalal

Girls Gymnastics

Head Varsity Coach                 Deanna Zuchowski
Asst.                                         Andy Isaacson

Spring Sports Coaching Staff

Girls' Badminton

Head Varsity Coach                 Eastman Tiu
JV  Coach                                Sara Aghazadeh

Fr Coach                                  Mike Haussmann

Boys' Baseball

Head Varsity Coach                  Vic Wisner
Var Asst.                                   Matt Scott

Soph                                         Andy Wilhoit

Fr A:                                         Tom Fosnot          

Boys Gymnastics

Head Varsity Coach                 Caleb Strejc
Andy Isaacson

Boys' Tennis

Head Coach                             Eddie De La Cruz
Asst.                                         Suzy Lodbell

Boys' Track & Field

Head Coach                           T.J. Artman
Asst.                                       Jibril Jones
Asst.                                       Mike Warren

Boys Volleyball

Head Varsity Coach               Ryan Bazon

Asst.                                       Sue Bower
Asst.                                       Diane Vegter
Asst.                                       Everette Stubblefield

Girls' Softball

Head Varsity Coach               Rachel Karos
Asst.                                       James White
JV Coach                               
Nina Vicicondi
Fr  Coach                               Kevin Allen

Girls' Soccer

Head Varsity Coach               Julio Del Real         
Soph. Coach                          Victor Lopez 

JV                                       Pete Montgomery
Fr                                        Brian Shanahan

Girls' Track & Field

Head Coach                          Clyde Ware
Asst.                                      Anthony Pennella
Asst.                                      Gary Walker