Winter Sports Registration Info

Please use link the following link to register:
Please see attached link for winter tryout dates
-Students must bring a current physical less than a year old through the season to the nurse’s office or give to your coach.
-This year the $200 Athletic Fee must be paid through the IPSD Webstore which is located on the Pushcoin website. If you are in a cut sport, you can wait to pay this until you make the team. After the first 10 days of a season (from the first official starting date), the Athletic fee of $200 will only be refunded for medically documented reasons by a doctor. Athletes that quit a team are not eligible for a refund.

11/30/2019 12:00 AM


2019-2020 Sophomore Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Alexander Alcaraz 2022
Jose Barragan 2022
Kanii Bell Allen 2022
Kyle Blackwell 2022
Cajade Bowman 2022
Luke Buntin 2022
Vincent Couch 2022
Sean Gilliland 2022
Jeremiah Hatchett 2022
Tyler Helbing 2022
Jacob Housour 2022
Robert Hwang 2022
Isaiah Kr 2022
Ty Kuschell 2022
Jabron Lee 2022
Brett Lewis 2022
Max Libby 2022
Ryan Magnuson 2022
Grant McSpadden 2022
Caleb Neal 2022
Owen O'Hara 2022
Nathan Pappas 2022
William Puls 2022
Ethan Quaye 2022
Armando Ramirez 2022
Lorenzo Rangel 2022
Carlos Raya Vazquez 2022
Jacob Razo 2022
Jovan Scott 2022
Aarmann Singh 2022
Julion Smith 2022
Nathan Soderquist 2022
Kyle Spragg 2022
Josh Sullivan 2022
Elijah Sutherland 2022
Angel Valenciano 2022
Zaylan Welton 2022
Cody Wilberg 2022
Ryan Wueste 2022
Daniella (dani) Zarkin 2022
Coaching Staff